Parviz TANA VOLI (1937-) Iranian

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Parviz TANA VOLI (1937-) Iranian
Red Twin 'Heech', 2007 Signed, dated and numbered 'Parviz, 07, 3/25' (on the base) Fiberglass - Fibre de verre Edition 3 of 25 - Édition 3 sur 25 105 x 75 cm - 41.3 x 29.5 in. AED 139,600 -165,300 Provenance The artist's studio Opera Gallery, Dubai Private collection Public notes In Farsi, the word 'Heech' is a hollow word. In this context, it reflects the cynical approach to nothingness. However, the word itself has a wide connotation and interpretation depending on how and in what form it is used. In one form, it reflects the position of man in front of his creator in nature. In another, it defines the hollowness and the depression of an unaccomplished soul. In Islam, in general the word 'Heech' embodies the predominant belief of the rejection of individualism in favor of pluralism. In particular, the word 'Heech' is interpreted in Sufism as the cycle of life from birth (Heech) to death, back to 'Heech' where they believe the final accomplishment of a man is his recognition of his position in nature as 'Heech' and therefore his complete devotion and acceptance of his creator's will. The full cycle of birth to death, which comes from 'Heech' back to 'Heech', is widely considered by the Sufi's as the fulfillment of a profound life. Parviz Tanavoli has accomplished the reunion of all abstract concepts of 'Heech' into a spectacular piece of art. Mohammad Ladjevardian
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