TedyZet (1974-)

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TedyZet (1974-)
Love Wall /20210928, 2021
Acrylique, peinture aérosol, encre sur carton et cadre bois.
48,5 x 58,5 x 2 cm
Biographie :
Tadas ZAICIKAS was born in Lithuania, artistic name TedyZet. He achieved a Master's degree at KTU University. Tadas ZAICIKAS is an international full-time artist, living, and working in France, UK, and Canada. Member of several organizations and artistic groups such as La Maison des Artistes France, The International Association of Art (IAA). Prizes winner. According to art critics, TedyZet ability to mix vandalistic energy on canvas, applying in layers, using spray paints and acrylics to start and oils to finish makes for fascinating observation. Tadas ZAICIKAS - Entrepreneur, Artist, and Industry Analyst. Interview with him has been published in famous newspapers and magazines such as Daily Express (UK), Value Walk (USA), The Times of Israel (Israel), TED Conference (USA), Econotimes (South Korea), Techbullion (UK).
Instagram: tedyzet
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