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Home inspections and inventories

Appraising an item:

Appraisal consists of describing an object, identifying the dates and places of its creation, and possibly attributing it to an author. It is through appraisal that the authenticity of a work or object is confirmed. The estimated value of an item or work of art can only be confirmed after an expert appraisal. This appraisal can be carried out by an auctioneer or a clerk, but the latter are often assisted by experts for items requiring specific skills. At MILLON, 20 dedicated clerks and 13 auctioneers participate in the inventory department and work closely with 30 art experts.

We offer free estimates on our website, these estimates are given taking into account the authenticity of the item photographed, these photographs allow us to give an initial opinion, which will be confirmed on the spot.

The furniture inventory:

The furniture inventory is a document listing a group of movable property or works of art. Each item is numbered, described, authenticated, photographed and valued. This inventory can be requested for a number of reasons: in order to draw up an insurance policy, for family reasons (marriage, divorce, civil partnership, donation, division, inheritance, etc.) to enhance a collection, or for any other case requiring an evaluation of one's moveable assets.

A dedicated team at MILLON, the inventory department, can respond to your requests.

Certain procedures require a furniture inventory to be carried out by judicial commissioners (formerly judicial auctioneers). At MILLON, 4 auctioneers can meet your needs. Click here to find out more about movable assets in an estate.

Have your works of art and objets d'art appraised and valued:

This will give you the best chance of success in the event of a sale, inheritance, division or theft. 
Armed with their appraisal file or inventory, our customers can :

  • Insure their items at fair value and assert their rights in the event of loss or theft.
  • In the event of theft, enable the competent authorities to easily identify their property.
  • Facilitate the succession process by providing a reliable basis for sharing furniture, paintings, jewellery and works of art within the family.
  • Know the exact value of furniture when a sale is necessary

There is a charge for this appraisal or inventory when it is drawn up, but an appraisal followed by a sale is free of charge. Before coming to your home, you will be offered a preliminary estimate, the amount of which will be calculated according to the location and volume, and possibly the nature and number of items to be valued.

This estimate will be sent to you within 24 hours on request to these email addresses: 

Requesting an inventory from MILLON is reassuring thanks to a local service and the assurance of qualified expertise thanks to its network of more than 25 specialised experts.

At the end of this inventory and if you so wish, we can arrange the auction of all or part of your moveable assets.

Click here for more information about selling after an inventory.

If you need to move your furniture following the inventory, MILLON will store your belongings free of charge until the day of the auction.

On simple request by e-mail, telephone or via our form, we will provide you with advice tailored to your needs.

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