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Why have your objects appraised by MILLON?

Here are three reasons why you should trust MILLON:

1. Specialty: Our team is made up of more than 15 auctioneers and 30 specialists ready to guide you.

2. Proximity: We have 25 appraisal offices in France and abroad.

3. Confidentiality: Each appraisal is carried out by professionals so that you can remain anonymous in complete peace of mind.


How can you have your objects appraised by MILLON?

MILLON has the largest network of art experts in Europe. Our 30 specialists criss-cross France and Europe and can meet you at your home or in one of our 25 appraisal offices.



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Your home

Get an appointment within 48 hours and an auctioneer will come to your home to appraise your property

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At our place

Come and visit one of our 25 offices to have your property valued by one of our 30 specialist experts

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700 days of expertise

Experts are on hand in more than 35 towns and cities to value your property.

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The most asked questions

Who will appraise my works?

  When you entrust your works of art, paintings or collection to an auction house for appraisal, several types of qualified people are involved: auctioneers, clerks, experts and specialists, rightful owners, committees and market authorities.1.

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What is the difference between an estimate and a valuation?

  While an estimate is free, an appraisal may not be, insofar as it involves the responsibility of the auction house and its expert. This responsibility relates to the substantial qualities of the work.

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I inherit: what should I do with the furniture?

Have you just inherited some furniture and would like to know its value? Or has your solicitor recommended that you carry out a tax inventory to avoid the 5% lump sum?

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Comment puis-je trouver un expert en art fiable ?

Pour trouver un expert en art fiable, vous pouvez contacter des maisons de ventes aux enchères réputées ou encore des comités d’artistes. Assurez-vous que l'expert est certifié et possède une expérience avérée dans l'estimation d'œuvres similaires. 

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What is a moveable inventory?

A moveable inventory is a document listing a group of moveable assets or works of art.

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Why and how should you have your works of art and objets d'art appraised?

Ask for a valuation and put all the chances on your side in the event of a sale, inheritance, division or theft.Armed with your appraisal file or inventory : Insure your works of art at their fair value and assert your rights in the event of loss or theft. In the event of theft, make it easy for the relevant authorities to identify your possessions. Facilitate the succession process by providin

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How can I increase the value of the work I own?

When a work is presented for sale, buyers pay close attention to its provenance and 'academic' background.This is why a work accompanied by a bibliography or exhibition presentation can increase in value by between 5 and 20%.MILLON Auction House can help you enrich the pedigree of your paintings, sculptures or objets d'Art.

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