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Selling with MILLON

  • Auction sales

With 350 auctions a year, more than 4,000 sellers place their trust in us every year.

  • Private sales

Outside the auction calendar, these sales are reserved for selected works sought after by our network of collectors. 
If you would like to know whether your property is eligible for private sale, our team of experts will be delighted to examine your request.

Before each sale, the works are appraised by our experts and auctioneers.

Would you like to offer an item or a collection? Contact us using the forms below

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  • Confidential

Rendez-vous d'inventaire

Obtenez un rendez-vous en 48h et un commissaire priseur se déplace à votre domicile pour expertiser vos biens.

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Rendez-vous d'expertise

Dans l'un de nos 25 bureaux faites expertiser et estimer votre bien par nos spécialistes

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Estimation en ligne

Obtenez une estimation gratuite en ligne, réponse en 48h, confidentielle

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The most asked questions

How will you organise the auction of my works?

Capturing the attention of potential buyers is an art that requires true professionals used to a demanding market.The trust placed in us by our customers will enable us to organise nearly 300 auctions in 2022 in Paris (Hôtel Drouot, Salle VV, le 116, etc.), Nice, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco and online.In 2020, despite the COVID crisis, MILLON's auctions will be just as numerous, diverse

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What happens after the auction of my works?

Settlement of the sale Once your work of art has been purchased by a buyer, we proceed with the payment in accordance with the terms previously agreed with you during the mandate.After the auction, MILLON notifies the seller by e-mail of the result of the sale, which is visible in your customer area.Payment is made by bank transfer three weeks after the sale (as soon as the buyer has paid in fu

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What happens after I decide to entrust my works to the auction house?

Once the art expert has made his estimate, you can decide whether or not to put it up for sale.The sale mandate :You will then be asked to sign a sales mandate, also known as a sales requisition.

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What costs will I have to pay to sell my goods at auction?

The auction house must be able to adapt its sales fees to your situation. Everything is negotiable... taking certain parameters into account.

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How do I choose an auctioneer?

Choosing an auctioneer to sell at auction :  1. First and foremost, get a quick, well-argued estimate of the item you want to sell. Be careful not to confuse speed with haste. An estimate given too quickly, without taking the time to ask for provenance, additional photos or precise dimensions, would be questionable.2.

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Glossary for sellers at our public auctions

Valuation:This is the determination of the value of a property given after an appraisal. Often the value indicated is a "low estimate"/"high estimate" range. Our photo estimates are always given subject to an on-the-spot valuation.

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How quickly can my property be sold at auction?

At MILLON, we have a wide range of specialities and sales formats After an inventory or for a single item, our specialists will offer you the opportunity to include your item(s) in a sale that will enable you to obtain the best price.Our credo: We have a speciality for you, from the cellar to the attic!From the moment the item is deposited in our premises, our teams are busy describing it, phot

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Why use an auctioneer when you're a private individual?

Using an auctioneer seems like a luxury reserved for the lucky owners of a Louis XV chest of drawers or a master painting.

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