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Shakir Hassan Al Said- 1925-2004

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ou des mots liant le monde arabo-musulman, comme illustré dans cette pièce. English Shakir Hassan Al Said was a distinguished Iraqi artist, philosopher, art critic, and art historian who played a pivotal role in shaping the modern art movement in Iraq. A transformative juncture materialized in 1971 when Al Said, breaking away from the Baghdad Modern Art Group, co-founded with Jawad Salim in 1951, established the «One Dimension Group» This revolutionary group departed from conventional two and three-dimensional artworks, embracing a single «inner dimension» concept that symbolized eternity and philosophically connected the past with the present. This marked a significant transformation in Al Said's artistic approach, with his works increasingly embracing abstract representations imbued with spiritual and philosophical depths. The exploration of time, space, and the integration of Arabic calligraphy into his modern artworks played a pivotal role in this artistic transition. Arabic calligraphy, carrying profound intellectual and Sufi connotations, became a cornerstone of his artistic expression. This choice harkened back to a medieval theology where letters were regarded as cosmic signifiers. The One Dimension Group was an integral part of the broader Hurufiyah art movement that emerged during the 1950s. This movement was characterized by the fusion of traditional art forms, especially calligraphy, with contemporary art, reflecting the culture and heritage of the artists while challenging Western art conventions. The artist ventured into experimental use of materials, introducing the innovative concept of burning or destroying a part of artworks. This transformative act unveiled the violence leading to the destruction of paintings, often engraved with signs from various civilizations, or the erasure of memory that defined the surface, symbolizing the «One dimension.»

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Shakir Hassan Al Said (Irak, 1925–2004)

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