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Farah OSSOULI- 1953-

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Farah Ossouli, born 10 August 1953 in Zanjan, Iran, is an Iranian painter, based in Tehran. She is known for her modern interpretation of Persian miniature. Often her work draws on issues related to women's life, Persian poetry, and classical western art. Ossouli graduated in 1971 from Girl's School of Fine Arts, Tehran, and in 1977 with a B.A. degree in graphic design from University of Tehran. In 1975, Ossouli married Khosrow Sinai. Her work is often created in gouache and watercolor and features subjects found in Persian miniature painting set in contemporary themes, subjects may include women, men, grapes, birds, flowers, grapes, among other things. Her work replaced the text often found in traditional miniature painting with blocks of color and the scale of the figures is manipulated. Her work has been collected in many public art collections including, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia,Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others. She has held solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Iran, and participated in group exhibition in many other countries.

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Vendu le 2022/12/19

Farah Ossouli (Iran, 1953)

De la série Hafez
Lot 71

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Vendu le 2022/07/05

Farah Ossouli (Iran, 1953)

De la série Hafez
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Vendu le 2022/07/05

Farah Ossouli (Iran, 1953)

De la série Hafez
Lot 85

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