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Requesting an inventory from MILLON is reassuring thanks to a local service and the assurance of qualified expertise thanks to its network of more than 30 specialised experts.

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Bientôt un siècle de ventes aux enchères, ce sont plus de 4000 vendeurs qui nous font confiance chaque année. 

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The most asked questions

How much does an inventory cost?

You will be offered a preliminary estimate, the amount of which will be calculated according to the location, volume and, if applicable, the nature of the number of items to be valued.This estimate will be sent to you within 24 hours on request to this email address:

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How do I prepare my bequests and the sharing of my paintings and works of art?

  We regularly hear the phrase: "My children only like Ikea and don't want my antique chest of drawers"Many of you want to spare your children the problems associated with managing your assets. So how can you plan ahead?Have a descriptive inventory and estimate made of your assets.  Our auctioneers and experts will draw up an inventory, illustrated with photographs, describing an

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Can I choose my auctioneer for the estate inventory?

You are free to choose your own auctioneer or commissaire de justice (former judicial auctioneer)In most cases, notaries work with one or two auctioneers.

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What happens at an auction following an inheritance?

On thebasis of the inventory , you decide whether to sell all or part of the furniture:If you have not made a tax inventory, we can draw up a private inventory and then sell all or part of your possessions.We take care of organising the sale from A to Z: inventory, transport, sales, payment.You can sell in the name of a joint owner or, if the property has been divided, in the name of each heir.

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I've had an inventory drawn up. How do I sell at auction?

 Once the tax inventory has been completed, you will come into possession of the estate's movable property.

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I've opted for the 5% fixed price. Do I need an auctioneer?

 Yes, you will need an inventory estimate to know the value of your furniture, paintings, trinkets, jewellery, etc...If you wish to divide the property, the advice of an independent and impartial professional will enable you to make a fair and irreproachable division that will preserve the harmony of the family.At your request, we can make lots.

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How does the tax inventory work? Do I need to be present?

 The auctioneer or court commissioner, the notary and the heirs go on site to list all the goods, furniture, objects, paintings, jewellery, etc.

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Tax inventory VS 5% lump sum

To settle inheritance tax, the value of the movable assets must be calculated. The law provides two ways of estimating the value of the movable property in an estate:Draw up an inventory listing all the deceased's personal property.

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I've heard about the 5% package, what is it?

  In the absence of an estimated inventory of the estate's movable assets, the taxable value of the deceased's movable assets will be estimated at 5% of the total assets of the estate.The 5% lump sum may be higher than the actual value of the movable property, in which case it is strongly recommended that an inventory of the movable property be drawn up by a court-appointed auctioneer

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What should I do when I inherit furniture?

 If the estate is in the process of being settled, an auctioneer and a notary may proceed with the valuation of your furniture, regardless of whether or not you own any works of art.The General Tax Code (art 764 I) provides for three options for valuing furniture as part of the inheritance:The price of the movable property obtained at public auction, when the sale takes place within two years o

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