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Céramique ancienne


Run by Guillaume de Freslon, senior clerk, and our expert Jean Gabriel Peyre, the antique ceramics auction department highlights a delicate taste for ceramics made in the emblematic factories of the classic centuries, such as Meissen, Sèvres, Chantilly and Choisy-le-Roi ..


The European spirit through ceramics: sales serving a passion.

The Antique Ceramics department presents porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, glazed ceramics, terracotta and enamels by the names of historic manufacturers: Meissen, Sèvres, Chantilly, Choisy-le-Roi, Wedgwood, Capodimonte, Deruta, Royal Copenhagen, Villeroy, Nevers, etc

Collected over many years, researched and documented, these ancient ceramics illustrate European fashions and major discoveries since the 15th century. From historiated dishes to metallic engobes, from attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain through earthenware with white engobes, then fine porcelain and finally hard porcelain, from high-fire glazes to a rich palette of low-fire glazes, ceramics of all kinds are brought to the fore through meticulous, precise records.


Guillaume de Freslon, principal clerk and talented discoverer at the head of the department, shares with Jean-Gabriel Peyre, expert and collector, the organisation of bi-annual sales and expert appraisals for estate and insurance inventories.

They have pulled off a number of memorable auctions, including the brooding hen from the Manufacture Royale de Villeroy in 2019, the Sèvres porcelain chestnut from the Comtesse du Barry and Senator Daudet's collection.


Located in Paris on rue de la Grange Batelière, a stone's throw from the Hôtel Drouot, our experts and auctioneers put their expertise and the quality of their work at your service.


Millon Italia, headed by Vittorio Preda, is also one of our branches specialising in classical ceramics.



Antique ceramics auction calendar:


In order to sell at the best price and satisfy every buyer, our ceramics auctions are divided into several events:


  1. Our "Guess who's coming to dinner" sales are based ona theme, a place of production or a particular manufacture of the finest old ceramics. Our sales in the Antique Ceramics department feature pieces dating from the classical centuries and of European provenance.
  2. Our online sales showcase old ceramics at affordable prices. They are ideal for enthusiasts and allow you to show off the details of your antique ceramics. These sales take place on the Internet. They give unlimited access to the catalogue and to auctions from the four corners of the world.
  3. So Unique Auctions: Do you own an exceptional, one-off piece? A historic, exceptional, rare antique ceramic of great value can be presented alone to bidders.


At the heart of antique ceramics auctions, collections are the focus of special attention, to bring out the emotions of collectors and enthusiasts of classic ceramics. The catalogues are designed to convey the spirit of the collector. The collection may bear the collector's name, or remain anonymous. These particular sales are always special events.




Selling works at any price: expertise and valuation


The Antique Ceramics department relies on rigorous appraisals to justify precise estimates. The works are certified by our specialists and authenticated thanks to irreproachable traceability.

Our experts and auctioneers offer you a free and confidential estimate. They will tell you about the make of your work, its decoration and its history.

Don't hesitate to entrust us with the sale of your old ceramics!



Some fine results from MILLON sales:


  1. Very large covered ovoid vase on porcelain pedestal, Collection of Senator Paulin Daudé, sold for €45,000 at our auction house.
  2. Manufacture de Sèvres, covered teapot, covered sugar bowl, a cup and two saucers in porcelain with landscape decoration in red monochrome, sold for €40,500 at MILLON.
  3. URBINO, Large earthenware basin on pedestal with polychrome decoration, sold for €17,000 at MILLON
  4. VINCENNES, Moutardier couvert et son présentoir en porcelaine tendre à décor polychrome en réserve, sold for €12,000 at our auction house.
  5. Joseph Gustave CHERET & La Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, Important biscuit table centrepiece, sold for €10,500 at MILLON.




Our specialists in the antique ceramics department travel to the regions for free appraisal days with our regional correspondents. Don't hesitate to come and present your works and get a live expert opinion.


You can also request a free and confidential valuation directly here.


If you have a collection of old ceramics that needs to be appraised, our experts will come to you to give you the most accurate estimate and advise you on how to sell it at the best price.


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Our team

Guillaume de FRESLON - Clerc Principal

Guillaume De FRESLON

Jean - Gabriel PEYRE

Jean - Gabriel PEYRE

Vittorio PREDA

Vittorio PREDA

Other auctions in the specialities “CERAMIQUES ANCIENNES”

Sold to €2,200

Sold the 2022/10/19


Lot 196

Sold to €2,100

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 314

Sold to €2,000

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 317

Sold to €1,950

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 313

Sold to €1,950

Sold the 2022/10/19


Lot 214

Sold to €1,800

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 319

Sold to €1,650

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 332

Sold to €1,100

Sold the 2024/02/15

Manufacture de Hoechst - Nassau

Lot 106

Sold to €5,000

Sold the 2024/04/12

Japan, Arita, Edo period, circa 1670-1690.

Lot 110

Sold to €1,300

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 321

Sold to €1,200

Sold the 2022/10/19


Lot 188

Sold to €950

Sold the 2023/10/26

Paris, Manufacture de la rue de la Pierre-Levée, début XX ème

Lot 98

Sold to €1,000

Sold the 2023/02/14


Magot en porcelaine dans le goût de Meissen
Lot 218

Sold to €850

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 326

Sold to €850

Sold the 2022/10/19


Lot 223

Sold to €750

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 325

Sold to €650

Sold the 2022/12/16


Lot 331

Sold to €600

Sold the 2023/04/21


Paire de vases médicis sur une base cynlindrique
Lot 180

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