vase en porcelaine ‘Yangcai’ famille rose, CHINE, XVIIIe siècle

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60000 - 80000 EUR
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Result : 331 500EUR
vase en porcelaine ‘Yangcai’ famille rose, CHINE, XVIIIe siècle
Important porcelain vase 'Yangcai' pink family, CHINA, 18th century

The rounded body rests on a short, slightly flared foot and rises delicately to a tall, narrow neck finished in a bulbous shape. The delicately raised rim is enhanced with gold, characteristic of the highest quality pieces for the Imperial Palace collections.
The belly is adorned with a delightful continuous scene of deer and herons in a rocky landscape.

H : 28 cm 

-john sparks LTD, London. (label under the base) -private
collection, Brussels bought in England in the 1950's and remained in the same family since.

Date of the sale: May 20th, 2020
Lot number: 1
The Sparks Vase
From the hands of Captain John Sparks, one of the most respected London based Asian art dealersof the 20th century, to the Millon Auction room in Paris.
Rare and Important ‘Yangcai’ Porcelain famille rose Vase, 18th century.
Estimate: 60 000 / 80 000 €
Material: porcelain with enamel
Height: 28 cm
Weight: 1013.9 g

The body exhibits overall minor scratching and light wear to the glaze. These tears are the work of time and condition of conservation of the item, it does not affect the general overall aspect of the vase but is visible and noticeable enough to have to be mentioned. The above defects are scattered all over the surface, mostly around the rounded body and on the elongated neck especially around the bulbous top part. We have decided NOT to clean this piece of porcelain, having notedthat the dirt does highlight the scratches and most of them would disappear with an in-depth cleaning of the vessel. The above-mentioned scratches and wears appear to be consistent with the age of the item.

We have noted a hairline approximately 1cm long starting on the mouth rim and coming down in a straight vertical line. This hairline is detected with the h
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