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Lot 142
The married priest Lithograph, HC Signed in pencil lower right 28 x 21 cm (illustration) 9.5 x 14 cm (illustration) (Traces of mounting in the margins...
Lot 2
"Vue et perspective de la Cour des Fontaines et la galerie d'Ulysse à Fontainebleau". By Nicolas de Poilly. Etching on paper. 22 x 31.5 cm (view).
Lot 6

Views of Paris, Versailles, L'Isle-Adam.

- Château de L'Isle Adam - Color engraving after Michel Barthélemy Ollivier, Fête donnée par le prince Louis François de Conti en l'honneur de Charles...
Lot 10

Two copies

Burckart, Wissembourg, circa 1880. Hand-colored lithographs, 2 copies. 35.6 x 52 cm
Lot 13

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Burckart, Wissembourg, circa 1885. Four pen-and-ink lithographs; colored, partly varnished. 49 x 64 cm (Autumn and Winter, lower right corner missing...
Lot 19

Nikolaiewsky Palace in the Kremlin.

Daziaro, Moscow, St. Petersburg, 1848. Chromolithograph by BENOIST and AUBRUN from a design by INDERSEFF, printed by Lemercier in Paris.
Lot 20

His Majesty the Emperor greets the people from the top of the Red Staircase

Imprimerie de l'Académie des Sciences, Saint Petersburg, 1856. Chromolithograph by Lemercier after Franz Teichel. Plate from the book: "Description du...
Lot 22
Tabula scalata, an optical game featuring 4 color engravings, allowing us to see Emperor Napoleon and the Duke of Reichstadt or Empress Josephine and...
Lot 24

Set of 65 documents

from Paris and Belgium dating from 1842 to 1872 on concerts, balls, weddings, songs, opera, including the wedding of Princess Henriette of Belgium and...
Lot 25

Fidelity - Innocence.

Wentzel, Wissembourg, 1860. Two lithographs on black background, colored, partly varnished, gold decoration. 35 x 26 cm.
Lot 28

One board.

Wentzel, Wissembourg, circa 1870. Very fine color lithograph, gilded and mounted. Text in German. 35 x 25.5 cm.
Lot 29


Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Lithograph in color, printed on 3 sheets, 193 x 58 cm (Folded, slightly yellowed, tiny tears...
Lot 30

Sakkingen's trumpet.

Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Lithograph in color, printed on 3 sheets. 190 x 58 cm (Small marginal stains, otherwise a fine...
Lot 31

Carnival King

Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Color lithograph, printed on 3 sheets, 163 X 68 cm, yellowed paper, small tears, otherwise a fine...
Lot 35

Marin. Target.

Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1910. Color lithograph, printed on 3 sheets, 165 X 68 cm, folded, slight foxing, spine soiled.
Lot 36


Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Lithograph in colors, printed on 3 sheets. 194 X 58 cm. A fine example.
Lot 39

Gambrinus, King of Beer.

Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Color lithograph with stencil enhancement, printed on 3 sheets, 165 X 68 cm, folded, fine copy.
Lot 40

Woman on bicycle.

Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Color lithograph, printed on 3 sheets, 162 X 72 cm.
Lot 41
Wentzel - Burckardt's Nachfolger, Wissembourg, 1900. Color lithograph, printed on 3 sheets, 194 X 58 cm, folded, slightly yellowed, small tears.
Lot 46

3 plates.

Burckart, Wissembourg, circa 1900. Color lithographs, 3 models of puppets to be mounted with Parisian staples (68.5 X 43 cm).
Lot 48

Lot of 11 posters or placards.

A set of 11 posters or placards including: Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen: En Belgique, les belges ont faim. Abel Faivre: Pour la France, versez votre...
Lot 50

Borrowing to rebuild devastated churches.

Delarue- Nouvelliere: Emprunt pour la reconstruction des églises dévastées. Buttne, Paris, 1921. Lithographic poster. 115 X 75 cm. (Creases, small...
Lot 60

New York.

3 color woodcuts to illustrate the album "New York" published by the Grolier Club in 1915. Proofs on Japon from Atelier Féquet et Baudier.
Lot 66

"In the land of pardons."

20 color woodcuts by Mathurin Meheut from the sequels to "Au pays des pardons." 1937, some plates in duplicate (28 X 23 cm).
Lot 67


Woodcut printed on Arches paper, engraved in 1904. Printed by Galerie Maeght in the 1960s with the permission of Nina Kandinsky. 42 x 76 cm. (Small...
Lot 69

The dance class

Wood engraving by Auguste Régnier after a painting by Edgar Degas. Copy on watermarked Arches paper. Size: illustration 33.7 x 29.8, paper 57.9 x 44.8...
Lot 70

At the show

Editions Art Vivant, Larousse bookshop. Work by Edgar Degas reproduced using the Jacomet process. Framed. 41 x 32.5 cm. Provenance: former collection...
Lot 73

Internationale Kunst Ausstellung, Dresden

Meisenbach Riffarth; Leipzig, 1897. Lithographic poster produced for an exhibition in Dresden in 1897. Paper strip with exhibition dates pasted in the...
Lot 78

6 offset exhibition posters.

Georges Pompidou 1981, Galerie Krikhaar 1982, Musée Picasso 1989, "L'homme au mouton" 1989, "De la Célestine à Dora Maar" 1999, "Linogravures" 2001.
Lot 80

Biennale de la Céramique in Vallauris.

7 offset posters, for the Biennale de Céramique in Vallauris, from 1976 to 1984. Circa 1980. 49.5 x 69.5 cm (Tack holes otherwise good condition).
Lot 81

4 exhibition posters.

- Lithographic poster Vallauris Nérolium, 1967, 50 x 72 cm, (traces of scotch tape on the back affecting the illustration). Reference: Czwiklitzer N...
Lot 82

Peace, Disarmament For A Successful Summit Conference.

Mouvement De La Paix, Mourlot - Paris, 1960. Lithographic poster. Color lithograph. 120 x 80.5 cm (Trace of scotch tape in the right margin, small...
Lot 83

Hispano-American Exhibition. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Original lithograph printed in 3 colors. Galerie Henri Tronche, Paris 1951. 56 x 42 cm (Poster cut, margins missing, heavy traces of moisture). Ref...
Lot 85

Child's head; Musée des Arts Décoratifs. 1955

Poster, lithograph and phototype printed by Mourlot 64 x 46 cm. (Very slightly soiled, horizontal fold in lower part) Czwiklitzer DTV : n° 105.

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