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The spectacular development of MILLON Belgium since 2016 and its deployment throughout the country, plus Luxembourg, is due to the combined skills of the Art departments as well as a policy of seriousness and efficiency. A motivating leitmotiv: to provide customers with the comfort of expertise, buying and selling.
In 5 years, the auction room on Avenue des Casernes in the Chasse district has become the headquarters of the 1st Franco-Belgian auction house.

In taking over the reins of MILLON Belgium, Arnaud de PARTZ, founder of "BANQUE DESSINEE" (a pioneer and leader in the comics market for over 15 years), embraced the multi-specialist vision offered by MILLON's network of 35 international experts covering the entire spectrum of the art market.

More than ever, MILLON Belgium validates the credo of the group's 4 auction houses (BRUSSELS, PARIS, NICE and JUDICIAL): "to appraise everywhere and sell where the market demands" and enables effective partnerships with notaries, bailiffs, lawyers and asset management consultants.

The main focus is still on comics , but for several years now two key departments have been expanding their activities, sale after sale.

Belgian specialities, at the heart of the MILLON expertise network, number 1 in Europe

Under the invigorating leadership of Mélissa Lafont, two major departments - Classic Paintings and Works of Art and Modern and Contemporary Art - now encompass a wide range of art specialities.

The regular rhythm of sales per year enables the departments to bring together and highlight the fruits of some 80 days of expert appraisals per year, organised in Spa, Waterloo and Luxembourg, not to mention the "Mondays of free appraisals" in Brussels.

How to buy and sell at MILLON Belgium auctions?

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