Mehrdad SHOGHI (1972-) Iranian

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Mehrdad SHOGHI (1972-) Iranian
Untitled, 2012 Signed and dated '20 mehrdad 12'; signed and dated in Farsi (lower right) Mixed media on canvas Technique mixte sur toile 150 x 250 cm - 59.1 x 98.4 in. AED 29,400-36,700 Provenance The artist's studio 133. Hossein KAZEMI (1924-1996) Iranian Untitled, circa early 1970s Oil on board - Huile sur panneau 90 x 110 cm - 35.4 x 43.3 in. AED 73,500 - 91,800 Provenance Private collection Public notes 'In the course of my joyful indulgence in Iranian-Islamic arts over the past decade and my fascination with the mystery surrounding Kufic script, I soon found myself manipulating the proportions to fit my taste of writing the hidden and telling the silence; the fruit of this endeavour was the creation of a specific style of Kufic script, Mehr. It is not primarily designed to be easily read, because it is not too much concerned with the reflection of the linguistic message of the words as it is with providing the viewer with an individually new understanding of what lies whitin them, so that the writer's own emotions about the glory of the thing said are properly manifested therein.' Mehrdad Shoghi
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