Farhad MOSHIRI (1963-) Iranian

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Farhad MOSHIRI (1963-) Iranian
9'S on yellow, 2002 Signed and inscribed (on the reverse) Oil, acrylic, gold leaf and glue on canvas Huile, acrylique, feuille d'or et colle sur toile 240,5 x 179,5 cm - 94.7 x 70.7 in. AED 411,400 - 587,700 Provenance The artist's studio Private collection Public notes Dark delphic shapes, here '9's' float suspended against a yellow canvas crackling and seeping into a pool of molten mystery. Swaying to a silent chant the elusive shadows glide in trancelike harmony, drawing the viewer into a talismanic world of signs and symbols which recall the ancient Arabic Abjad script which fascinates the artist in its magical blessings and spells. The fluid matrix of numbers weave together layer upon layer whispering eternal euphonies within an ethereal world. The flaked technique is characteristic of Farhad Moshiri's earlier work, which together with his Jars series gives a bold pop art modernity to an ancient tradition. The number nine was considered sacred in ancient cultures. Amongst its many symbolic attributes are its significance as the expression of harmony and perfection, immortality, inspiration and the nine celestial spheres. Zahra Faridany-Akhavan PhD
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