Anand BABA (1961-) Kashmir

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Anand BABA (1961-) Kashmir
Dancer Signed (lower right corner) Mixed media on vintage Bollywood poster Technique mixte sur poster Bollywood d'époque 109 x 155 cm - 42.9 x 61 in. AED 29,400 - 44,100 Provenance The artist's studio Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris Private collection Public notes Baba Anand is an artist from India, presently living in New York. His unique style of collage portrays a rejuvenating freshness and originality. His religious pieces utilize vintage oleographs of Krishna and other Hindu deities that Baba decorates with materials such as sequins, crystals and gold and silver dust. These images are then displayed in colourful, highly decorative mattes, using flowers and other unusual three-dimensional objects. Baba creates a charm that is in marked contrast to the traditional solemnity of religious icons. The effect of this whimsical and jubilant marriage of classical styles with a glitzy, stylish approach is at once spiritual and irreverent. These richly textured works, so vibrant and dramatic, represent a creative vision, which crosses boundaries and challenges assumptions. These powerful works of art are at once seductive and playful, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the power of the kitsch spirit. Also in love with the world of Indian cinema, he has used Bollywood as the inspiration for many of his mixed-media three-dimensional paintings. The artist transforms Indian film posters from the 40's to the 70's, embellishing them with crystals, sequins and the like, and adding elements such as artificial roses and tiger-striped mattes.
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