Gina Plunder

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200 - 300 EUR
Gina Plunder
Planète bleue, 2021
Peinture acrylique et aérosol sur toile montée sur châssis. Une vision en bleu, un cercle comme une planète bleue dans l'espace.
40 x 65 cm.
Biographie :
I’m born Romania, based in Germany, graduated in Art in Freiburg, member of IAA- International Association of Art;"2021 Awarded with The Power of Creativity Art Prize by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine 2000 Paul - Louis Weiller Prix – Portrait Acadèmie des Beaux – Arts Paris; World EXPO 2008 German Pavilion in Zaragoza; 2010/2012 4th and 5th Beijing International Art Biennale of China and painting in China National Art Collection in National Art Museum of China Beijing; 1996 and 2005 Art promotion Land Baden-Württemberg; 2009 Wahlheimat ZKM Centre for Arts and Media Karlsruhe; 2012 6. Award Museum Ettlingen; 2021 International Art Biennial of Argentina Buenos Aires I want to take the viewer into another world full of light and colours. Escapism, women and architecture are the topics in my work. Reflexions and creating a tree dimensional effect are important for me. I try to capture the light and break it into „thousand" colours like a prism. I’m using countless layering with acrylic on canvas to create crystalline reflexions it take long time to let my paintings „grow“. My work moves between abstraction, figuration, illusion and reality.
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