MAHS ART (1982-)

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500 - 700 EUR
MAHS ART (1982-)
La galaxie violette, 2021
Peinture à l'huile et pigments.
Diam : 20 cm
Biographie :
Mahsa Darani dit MAHS ART
I was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran and live in France from 2007. From age of three, every year at the general spring-cleaning moment, I painted on all of the glasses of my parent’s home. At the age of seven, by the support of my parents, I tested painting with the technique of Vitray (stained glass) seriously. Strangely, with the proposal of my math teacher in the middle school, I started oil painting at thirteen. Two years later, I discovered the technique of Charcoal and dry pastel during the six months of training by Mr. Younes Nazari, a well-known painter in the city of Isfahan (Ispahan) in Iran. I continued experiencing and matching different themes and techniques with various types of photos and drawings. I did my studies in economics in Iran and France upto Ph.D level but never gave up the practice of art in different types; painting as well as traditional Iranian music, singing and design. I needed art for my life balance. The eyes are the windows of the soul, William Shakespeare said, but I want to add ART as well.
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