Huguette Poncerry-Foëx

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Estimation :
600 - 800 EUR
Huguette Poncerry-Foëx
N°80 PHF21, 2021
Acrylic and pigment on linen canvas.
80 x 80 cm.
Biography :
Self-taught painter / Starts with acrylic and very quickly incorporates medium and mineral materials
and so on. Discovered in 2017 the pigments and there it is his favorite element to let free rein to his passion for intense colors or acidulous according to his inspiration of the moment. She lets her instinct and her spontaneity express themselves as she goes along on the canvas, under the influence of the music she listens to during her creations.
Her painting invites you to travel in the unconsciousness and the imagination of each and everyone.
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