Olivier Larivière

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500 - 700 EUR
Olivier Larivière
Untitled, 2011
Oil on paper, framed under glass
50 x 65 cm
Olivier LARIVIÈRE is interested in his work in the relationship of man to time, how the latter structures it, shapes his identity and gives his identity to a history that is always to be rewritten. His work depicts the epiphanies and wanderings of fallen heroes, magnificent losers, ordinary misfits, pulling the narrative thread of incongruous or absurd situations, until it breaks. The no man's lands that they furtively inhabit, always in transit and protected by the night, send back the image of a floating world with an unstable content that one walks with uncertain pace. Each painting develops a dialectic made up of contradictory notions: the event or its expectation, the known and the unknown, being and appearing, desire and despair, free will and fatality, dream and down to earth aspects of life... He lives and works in Montreuil and was involved in many personal and collective exhibitions.
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