Maryline Bourdin (1976-)

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600 - 800 EUR
Maryline Bourdin (1976-)
Day of simplicity
80 x 80 x 3.5 cm.
Biography :
Maryline BOURDIN was born in 1976 in Versailles. From a very young age, she was introduced to drawing by her father, self-taught in many artistic fields. Thus, music, paintings, sculptures, pigment her childhood. Art and emotions are lived with respect and modesty. Around the age of 20, she invests the objective drawing, in search of a know-how. In spite of herself, she slides towards a personalization of her work. Scenes of life, thoughts, ideas, painting is at first an outlet. She then discovers a potential where figuration and introspection are combined - objectivity versus interiority. This was followed by drawing and nude courses, internships, and timid exhibitions where she stood out by working on reality revisited by the soul. She obtains her diplomas in plastic arts (licence at the Sorbonne), then becomes a teacher. Her life paths are refined and naturally always turn towards a practice and a path where - the idea - she has of the world makes sense. Her paintings express themselves beyond plasticity through her words. The eye of the viewer discovers with curiosity the implicit richness of her paintings. His work follows an evolution that goes from the realistic portrait and the image of the body towards a relative and progressive disfiguration in which emerges roughly a gestural tendency, a plasticity linked to flexible or geometrical forms with successive planes signified by differences of colour, transparencies, scratches and collages. These plastic aspects are always complemented by emotional and thematic aspects linked to music, the body, sexuality and ideas. Thus, curves, frames and collages are superimposed. It is a search for coherence in ideas/emotions that are often contradictory. More recently, she is orienting her research in an almost "unknowing" gestuality linked to her spiritual perceptions and experiences, coupled with her ideas. Control and primitive soul overlap. The canvas space becomes a chosen place of poetic encounter between humans and spirituality. Each canvas is a new experience. Subjected to a certain emotional state in the making of a painting (frustration, satisfaction) the artist evolves in a strong and authentic link with her works, bouncing from idea to form, from form to idea.
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