Attributed to GIACOMO LEGI (active around... - Lot 6 - Millon

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Attributed to GIACOMO LEGI (active around... - Lot 6 - Millon
Attributed to GIACOMO LEGI (active around 1640-45)
Still life of flowers, fruits, with in the foreground a young boy peeling a fruit
165,5 x 235 cm

Provenance :
Private collection from Marseille since 1900

Giacomo Legi was probably born in Liège around 1600, from which he took his Italianized name "Legi". He moved to Genoa to make a career there and entered the studio of Jan Roos, a Flemish painter, also expatriated to Italy and specializing in still lifes and market scenes.

Genoa, an important port city, was then experiencing a great artistic emulation thanks to the many potential collectors who lived there, but also because the competition between artists was less intense than in Rome or Florence. There was a community of Flemish artists in the city who helped each other and above all collaborated, an artistic genre was born of this emulation. These scenes of interiors, kitchens, markets,
traditionally derived from Flemish painting, took root in Genoa, inspiring
local painters such as Domenico Fiasella (1589-1669) or Domenico Piola (1627-1703).

This community of Flemish painters, led by Jan Roos, invented together a new genre of complex compositions
complex compositions, stemming from their Nordic origins with a certain taste for the neat details, the licked still lives, the subjects of interiors, which they mix with the elegance of the Genoese baroque, with a brushed matter, a spontaneous brush with the nuanced colors. A sweet mixture of the best of the two schools from which our work comes.

It is difficult to trace chronologically or even formally attribute Legi's work, as none of it is dated and, to our knowledge, none of it is signed either. Our painting can, however, be linked to his mature period, during which his style is characterized by an abundance of detail, with a rich brushwork and light-dark contrasts. One thing is certain, however, and that is that Legi almost systematically collaborated with other painters from the same workshop, often for the figures, and this is undoubtedly the case.
figures and this is undoubtedly the case for our painting.

Here we note in the foreground the interesting presence of the young boy peeling a fruit, taken from a composition by Caravaggio known from several versions or copies, proof of the influence of the Roman master even in Genoese kitchen scenes.

Our work in its horizontality, its profusion of details, elements of still life, flowers, fruit and even musical instruments is characteristic of the Baroque. The master explores a multitude of subjects in the same composition, with a brush that is sometimes generous, sometimes precise in the details, allowing the viewer's eyes to be guided in a virtuoso manner.
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