19th century FRENCH school, after Claude...

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19th century FRENCH school, after Claude...

19th century FRENCH school, after Claude Michel dit CLODION
Satyr and bacchante playing two children together
Proof in patinated plaster
85 x 105 cm
Signed lower left
Accidents, restorations

This work was acquired by the current owner in 1959 and was most probably part of the family tradition of the workshop's works, which were dispersed after 1814. It is a work close to the projects of architectural decoration, created around the engravings of the abbot of Saint-Nom after Fragonard, in particular the Family of the satyr (Rosenberg n°68) transcribed in bas-relief.

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The composition is perhaps identifiable with the terracotta bas-reliefs of the sales Boyer de Fons-Colombe 18 January 1790 n° 306 then Le Brun 11 April 1791 n° 362, and Sauvage décembre 1808 n° 150. One can also mention in the Boilly sale of 13-14 April 1829 n° 96 "a young woman and a satyr presenting their children to each other" terracotta bas-relief but without the author's name.

Clodion, Musée du Louvre, exhibition 17 March-29 June 1992, p.439.
Guilhem Scherf, Around Clodion: variations, repetitions, imitations. Revue de l'Art n°91, 1991, p.47-59
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