vase en porcelaine ‘Yangcai’ famille rose, CHINE, XVIIIe siècle

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60 000 - 80 000 EUR
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vase en porcelaine ‘Yangcai’ famille rose, CHINE, XVIIIe siècle

Important porcelain vase 'Yangcai' pink family, CHINA, 18th century

The rounded body rests on a short, slightly flared foot and rises delicately to a tall, narrow neck finished in a bulbous shape. The delicately raised rim is enhanced with gold, characteristic of the highest quality pieces for the Imperial Palace collections.
The belly is adorned with a delightful continuous scene of deer and herons in a rocky landscape.

H : 28 cm 

-john sparks LTD, London. (label under the base) -private
collection, Brussels bought in England in the 1950's and remained in the same family since.

Date of the sale: May 20th, 2020
Lot number: 1
The Sparks Vase
From the hands of Captain John Sparks, one of the most respected London based Asian art dealersof the 20th century, to the Millon Auction room in Paris.
Rare and Important ‘Yangcai’ Porcelain famille rose Vase, 18th century.
Estimate: 60 000 / 80 000 €
Material: porcelain with enamel
Height: 28 cm
Weight: 1013.9 g

The body exhibits overall minor scratching and light wear to the glaze. These tears are the work of time and condition of conservation of the item, it does not affect the general overall aspect of the vase but is visible and noticeable enough to have to be mentioned. The above defects are scattered all over the surface, mostly around the rounded body and on the elongated neck especially around the bulbous top part. We have decided NOT to clean this piece of porcelain, having notedthat the dirt does highlight the scratches and most of them would disappear with an in-depth cleaning of the vessel. The above-mentioned scratches and wears appear to be consistent with the age of the item.

We have noted a hairline approximately 1cm long starting on the mouth rim and coming down in a straight vertical line. This hairline is detected with the help of UV light but is hardly visible under normal light. Please note that the enamel covering the top part of the mouth rim appears not to be affected by the hairline which has only damaged the porcelaneous body.

An important dating indication has been changed: The dating of this lot is 18thcentury. The exact period leans more toward the Qianlong period instead of the Yongzheng period as previously indicated.

In response to your inquiry, we are pleased to assist and provide with this general report of the condition of the item you have shown interest for in our auction. Please note that we are not professional restorers, nor conservators and we are only providing a subjective inspection of the item from our standpoint and with the extend of our knowledge.
We strongly suggest you to seek and consult a professional restorer or conservator of your choice to inspect this property on your behalf and provide you with a detailed, professional report.
Any statement, written report or discussion made by Gauchet Asian Art as an expert specialist and the partner auction house presenting the above mentioned lot(s) remains a qualified opinion but as a prospective buyer we recommend you to inspect each lot yourself in order to make your own opinion before buying.
Please note that this property is sold ‘as is’ and any post-sale complaint or return will not be entertained.
We invite any prospective buyer to refer to the auction house’s notice regarding the corresponding sale.

十八世紀 洋彩鶴鹿同春蒜頭瓶
估價:60 000/ 80 000 歐元
重量:1013.9 克

瓶身整體有細微划痕,釉面有稍有磨損。是因時間累積和保存方式所造成的,不影響瓶身的整體性,但肉眼仍明顯看見 。上述缺陷散布於花瓶表面,主要集中在瓶身和瓶頸上,尤其是瓶口的蒜頭狀的部分。但我們並未清洗這件瓷器,雖然污垢確實突出了這些划痕,若能深入清洗大部分划痕都會消失 。上述的划痕和磨損皆是由年代所造成。



任何由Gauchet Asian Art作為專家和合作拍賣行提供對於上述拍品所做的任何聲明、書面報告或討論,都是符合資格的專業意見,但作為潛在買家,我們建議您在購買前親自檢查每件拍品,以便在購買前提出自己的意見。
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