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Digital platforms offers possibility to bid online with Millon Online, Artprecium, Drouot Digital, Interenchères , Barneby’s, Invaluable, Auction (…)

Logg to our sales and follow the path to online and easy access bids.

For greater comfort, we suggest that you take a few minutes to open your own Online account, no later than the day before the sale.

Demands for phone bids alongside departments are, of course, still open and our teams are by now reinforced sot hey can answer it the better possible. Our departments are used for years to manage distance bidding for our worlwide customer network.

Do not hesitate to call us or send an email, we would be pleased to advise you. Condition reports, additional pictures, are available upon simple request, and storage of your purchases will be free during the 6 weeks following the sale.

Direct phone line : +33(0)1 48 00 99 44


In a constant search for a service which meet the best your requirements, our customer service purpose is to answer the natural expectations our clients might have : getting in touch with a department / our accounting, leaving a message to one our collaborator, asking for the exhibitions opening time, managing a shipping, the transportation of your art works, knowing a sale result, asking question regarding your sale settlement, schedule a meeting with one of our auctioneers or specialized clerks, getting a first estimate on pictures or knowing how a public auction sale works.

How to sell ? How to buy ? Getting past the switchboard to reach your goal : here is the challenge !

Driven by Alix Vigeant and connected to Master Nathalie Mangeot (Secretary general, General Counsel and Auctioneer of the SVV -
« Report of the pending files are provided to me and our teams will do everything we can to give you a rapid and relevant reply that, I hope, will meet your expectations.

I send you my respectful greetings and my thanks for the trust you have placed in us ».

Alexandre Millon - Group President

You consider to write to our Customer Service …

Your email to triggers an automatic reply message, here it is so you can anticipate the informations we need to help facilitate your inquiry.

« Millon’s customer service is at your disposal to handle your request.

If you encounter a difficulty that has not been answered in our website FAQ, if you had a claim more than 10 day sago without receiving a take over confirmation, we apologize for the inconvenience and, please, transfer us the message to :

Customer servie remains available by phone : +33(0)1 48 00 99 44 (dedicated line).

Pending files are reported to Master Alexandre Millon and our Customer Service team will do everything to give you a rapid and relevant reply.

For procedural efficiency, we thank you for indicating us the following informations :  

1)  First and last names of the person concerned by the demand.

     If you act on behalf of a third party thanks for letting us know.

2) Your buyer or seller status.       

3) The concerned sale (date and name)

4) The number of your invoice / sale settlement

5) The number of the lot

Finally, and if you have already been in touch with one of the collaborator of the Group Million for the same claim, please let us know his / her name.

Unless we receive other direction from you, Customer Service is now in charge of your demand.

We’re now your main contact until the closure of your file.

With our very best regards ».


Your sale invoice indicates the adress where you can pick your purchase.

If not, you can ask our Customer Service to get this information.

We will come back to you by phone or email.

We have several addresses due to our sales volume, so we will tell you if it’s the 19 Rue de la Grange Batelière, the 5 Avenue d’Eylau or our storage of Neuilly sur Marne.

If adress is not on your invoice, please contact us to be sure of it before you move or ask for a shipping.

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