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Photographies XIX- XX eme sc
COLLECTIONS : 26 ouvrages et catalogues

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COLLECTIONS : 26 ouvrages et catalogues

Anderson & Hershkowitz, 1976
Collection Michel Auer Collection, Michel Auer, 1972
Photographs from the collection of Dan Berley, The Israel Museum, 1980
Collection Panoramas Bonnemaison / Photographies 1850-1950, Collectif / Espace Van Gogh Arles, Actes Sud, 1989
Sleeping Beauty II: Grief, Bereavement and the family in memorial photography, Stanley B. Burns, Burns Archive Press, 2002
The First Century Of Photography from the collection of Andre Jammes, The Art Institute Of Chicago, 1977
Robert Koch: 19th & 20th Century Photographs, Robert Koch, Inc., 1981
A Rare Gift: The Noel and Harriette Levine Collection of Photographs, Nissan Perez, The Israel Museum, 2010
The Julien Levy Collection starting With Atget, The Witkin Gallery, 1976
The Julien Levy Collection, The Witkin Gallery, 1977
Lewis W. Hine - Child Labor Photographs, Lunn Gallery, 1980
19th and 20th Century Photographs, Lunn Gallery, 1976
David Mancini, David Mancini Gallery, 1979
Transfixed by Light: Photographs from the Menil Foundation Collection, K. Davidson / E. Glassman, Menil Foundation Series, 1981
1986: Photographie Moderne,Galerie Octant, 1986
The Quillan Collection of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Photographs [#59], Jill Quasha, Quilian Company Ltd, 1991
Stephen Rose Vintage Photography #5, Stephen Rose, 1980
Stephen Rose Vintage Photography #6, Stephen Rose, 1981
Luma: Modern Photography in the First Half of the 20th Century: from the collection of the Shpilman Institute for Photography, SIP, 2012
Beyond Time: Photographs from the Gary B. Sokol Collection, The Israel Museum, 2006
Fifty Pioneers of Modern Photography: The Collection of Alfred Stieglitz, Weston Naef, Viking, 1978
A Book Of Photographs from the Collection of Sam Wagstaff, Corocoran Gallery, Gray Press, 1978
A Personal View: Photography In The Collection Of Paul F. Walter, The Museum Of Modern Art, The MOMA, NY, 1985
Parallels & Contrasts: photographs from the Stephen White Collection, Collectif / New Orleans Museum of Art, Stephen White Editions, 1988
The Insistent Object: Photographs 1845-1986, Fraenkel Gallery, Fraenkel Gallery, 1987
Photography in Chicago Collections, David Travis, The Art Intitute of Chicago, 1982